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I recently wrote a post on the Wolfstar Blog about lack of communication in the science world and why. It discussed how imperative it is that scientist collectively adopt a communications strategy. With imminent dangers like climate change, the public need to know the truth and need to hear it often. Instead, we hear very […]

That’s all it took for over 5,000 people to show up to ride with Lance Armstrong. With Team RadioShack, Lance’s new team for the 2010 Tour de France, getting ready for this year’s intense tour, Lance has been using social media to promote himself and the team. This Tweet ride was the fourth one organized […]

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I created my first blog with the intention of it being a blog about public relations since that was my career of choice. It didn’t happen that way and my blog ended up being a mix of PR, social media, cool links and personal rants. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but I wanted […]