“punch bug, no punch back”


That’s what we used to say back in the day on any trip that lasted more than 5 minutes. It’s a game that has been passed down over generations in America and Volkswagen have brought it online and are social media-izing it.

They’ve created the creator: Sluggy Patterson and his fictitious character has a Twitter stream and his own blog!

Named the PunchDub game (playing off the V-Dub nickname), there aren’t any other rules other than to punch someone when you see a VW. We used to always say “punch bug, no punch back” so that the punchee couldn’t punch you back in retaliation. Not sure if this has been added to their rules or not.

It’s a pretty good idea from Volkswagen to take a game that already has widespread social knowledge and put it online. I’m sure there hope is for it go viral as it would be picked up and understood by pretty much everyone in the U.S.

“The campaign is a modern twist on a classic game that has been played on America’s highways for generations and will help consumers gain a new perspective on the breadth of our vehicle offerings, quality, performance and value.”

-Tim Ellis, Volkswagen’s Vice President of Marketing

I’m also sure they’re hoping while playing around with punches and such, we’ll all also see their wide range and vehicles and all that jazz. I just hope that all the overly cautious, politically-correct, “everything is evil” types don’t try to say that Volkswagen is promoting domestic violence or something like that. If that does happen, let’s hope the PRs don’t use Sluggy as their representative as here is his take on it:

“Some of you have asked if I worry that this game is too rough. That people might hurt each other. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT??? That’s why it’s called a game. ‘Cause games are fun. And punchin a friend is always fun.”


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