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Three months ago the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a suit in San Francisco to obtain information about the government’s use of social media. They were concerned about issues of privacy. They must’ve won because I just came across this article stating information that the EFF received. It’s perfect timing as well because Maxi Sopo […]

For years, we’ve seen more and more of our lives going online. It was a separate from the “real” world and is even considered a place itself. From early chat rooms, forums and even second life, people were living online. It seemed that in front of our computers was where we were going to be […]

If you can’t get enough of sharing your every thought or action through tweets or status updates, this fine piece of ornamental jewelry will suit you perfectly!

The Oscars are grabbing onto the social media trend as they realize they can’t fight it anymore. More and more TV programs are finally grasping the fact that social media is happening with or without them. The two-screen phenomenon, or now called Social TV phenomenon, can be used to a TV program’s benefit. In April […]