The Oscars go social


The Oscars are grabbing onto the social media trend as they realize they can’t fight it anymore. More and more TV programs are finally grasping the fact that social media is happening with or without them.

Oscar WebsiteThe two-screen phenomenon, or now called Social TV phenomenon, can be used to a TV program’s benefit. In April 2009, 66.3 million US viewers said they were online while simultaneously watching TV. When one truly understands this phenomenon, they realize it’s another means of engagement. Both channels need to be embraced. If they close off one channel of communication, they danger into closing viewers off all together.

By keeping people talking online about the event they can rest assured they aren’t losing any ratings. Social networks create the new water cooler effect. Why wait until the next day in the office to talk about what was on TV, when you can do while the program is on? Social networks have actually increased TV ratings.

So the Oscars, in stark contrast to the days of aggressively removing YouTube clips, will be live-streaming from the red carpet on Sunday. Linking up with Facebook, users can ask questions live to their favorite stars. It is only the red carpet, though, which unfortunately ends at the doorway of the venue. We have a way to go until the whole ceremony is streamed live…which I’ll be waiting for since I don’t have TV.


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