Location-an emerging social media trend


For years, we’ve seen more and more of our lives going online. It was a separate from the “real” world and is even considered a place itself. From early chat rooms, forums and even second life, people were living online. It seemed that in front of our computers was where we were going to be in life, but that’s not the case anymore.

With more people using their mobile phones as primary means of communicating online, it no surprise that LOCATION is an emerging trend in social media.

In my opinion, online life and offline life are finally finding the right balance or should I say be coming inseparable. I think people long for real life experiences and to be able to have the online social aspect while actually living and doing things away from the computer is a beautiful thing.

In the past, communication started online, then moved offline. Online dating, tweet ups, blogger events and even the game of geo-caching were all ways people brought their relationships offline. Now we can do both.

Foursquare was born last year and has had ever increasing popularity and has recently started creating partnerships with retailers and other businesses. Gowalla is another similar application.

FourWhere has just emerged and pulls information from Foursquare users into google maps so you can search tips and comments in a certain area.

Twitter has just added geolocation to tweets and allows some users to see location-based information from individual tweets.

And Facebook, of course, is in on the action and will be adding location features next month. It’s said to be adding location sharing options and allows other apps like Foursquare link with Facebook users.

This morning, I saw that Mashable’s Pete Cashmore was recently in an interview discussing the location trend in social media- check it out here.

It’s a stalkers paradise out there. But I have enjoyed playing around on Foursquare and wonder if I’ll ever be rewarded for checking into the train station four times a day.


2 Responses to “Location-an emerging social media trend”

  1. 1 Irfan

    Nice Article , More we are online more we have privacy issues.

  2. Phylecia, you should also take a look at Rummble as well. It’s a UK company with us at SXSW on the Digital Mission

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