Using Social Media to Promote Tourism


I picked up a copy of Stylist about a month ago and read about the “ultimate job”.

Runaway Bride and Groom in association with The Irish Times are looking for a couple to go on a 6-moth stint travelling to popular  honeymoon destinations and writing about the experience. The main goal is to promote Ireland as a great wedding destination.

To apply for this job, romantically linked couples had to submit an 80 second video explaining why Ireland is a great wedding destination and brag about why they’d be the perfect couple for the job.

It quickly rose to fame and was featured on CNN, Cosmopolitan and many other outlets that they themselves couldn’t even keep up with.

Not only are they finding a great advocate for the country but Runaway Bride and Groom are getting amazing name recognition.

As soon as I saw the dream job, I grabbed my hubby and started making a video immediately. We emailed family and friends and used Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone about the job and to vote for us. It obviously worked and we were shortlisted in the Top 50 couples on 10th April.

Now voting is reset and the race is on to get in the Top 10. The judges will decide, regardless of votes, 9 couples to go onto the next stage. Keeping the social media element alive, they’ve promised that the couple with the most votes will be a “wildcard” couple–resulting in 10 couples moving on to the next stage.

This is an amazingly successful campaign using social media. The website has received over 10 million hits and they’ve had over 30,000 people from around the world apply. If people are considering where to get hitched, I’m sure Ireland is now a possibility.

The PR company involved is Practice PR in Ireland.


2 Responses to “Using Social Media to Promote Tourism”

  1. I love your post! My husband and I not long back from an 8 month round the world honeymoon (on a shoestring!) so if you need any tips you know who to ask!! We relied heavily on social media to get our story across and we often had strangers comment on our blog 😉

    I’ve just voted for you, keep in touch and let me know how you get on and keep up the good SM work.


  2. 2 Phylecia Wakeman

    That is amazing! I will certainly have a read through your blog. Thanks for the vote and I’ll definitely let you know how we end up!

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