If you haven’t already gathered from the name, this blog is about Public Relations and Social Media by me, Phylecia. 

My interest in PR all started at the wonderful University of Georgia and I luckily got to study at one of the best journalism schools in the U.S., The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Yes, we graduates are all quite proud of it.

Anyway, my studies were rooted in traditional PR and I even salted in some Anthropology while studying which I found complimented PR quite well.  It wasn’t until my final PR class, just before graduating, did I become interested in Social Media and how it will already is affecting the industry. My final project was to organize an event, which we rightfully named “CONNECT”, in which connected PR professionals, PR educators and PR students. We put them in a room and discussed SM and PR and what the real world was looking for. I was amazed and knew from that point on if I were to succeed (and more importantly enjoy) my career in PR, I better make sure Social Media is integrated.

I had a great experience in Atlanta interning for a luxury lifestyle, boutique PR firm called The Reynolds Group. After that was over, I became a Managing and Marketing Director for  a private-owned Spa Salon. Both of those stints were learning experiences which I carry with me still, but I am extremely blessed to now be working for Wolfstar, a PR, social media and word of mouth consultancy. It is here that I’m doing what I knew I wanted to do that day at Connect.

Now I’m here in a new country, learning from amazing minds and being stretched like never before. I love where life has taken me and being around the Wolfstar team, I never fail to laugh or learn something.

So this blog is about things in PR that I like, don’t like, have learned, want to learn and so on. And, of course, there is the cliche disclaimer that everything I say and write are my own views and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of my employer.


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