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It’s been exactly a year, yesterday, that I last posted on this blog and a lot has happened. Sadly, this means that this blog will mostly likely be coming to an end or at least I hope so (because that means I will have succeeded). Let me explain, nearly a year ago I left my […]

I thought I would share this (which was shared with me) from Read Write Web. The American Red Cross published a report on social media use during emergencies and disasters. The graph below shows that 74% of people who submit requests for help via social media expect requests to be answered within an hour.   […]

Many companies have made mistakes when stepping into social media, whether it’s from piss-poor planning or just having no clue what they are doing. But everyone is going to make mistakes in such a fast-paced, ever changing environment. No agency or company will every fully get to grips with the industry these days. That’s why […]

Yesterday, Lane Bryant brought together plus-size bloggers to review their new fall and holiday sportswear collections. Their blogger conference is just another example of the intersection of fashion and social media. Lane Bryant invited 13 bloggers from all over the US to review their new lines. Each blogger received head-to-toe fashion and beauty makeovers and […]

I picked up a copy of Stylist about a month ago and read about the “ultimate job”. Runaway Bride and Groom in association with The Irish Times are looking for a couple to go on a 6-moth stint travelling to popular  honeymoon destinations and writing about the experience. The main goal is to promote Ireland […]

John Cass and Tony Bloomberg recently reached out to a group of colleagues to see the general consensus on how transparent one should be when on social networks for clients. They divided the opinions into two sections—either total transparency or that there can be “degrees” of transparency. It’s obvious that everyone has differing opinions, but […]

I recently wrote a post on the Wolfstar Blog about lack of communication in the science world and why. It discussed how imperative it is that scientist collectively adopt a communications strategy. With imminent dangers like climate change, the public need to know the truth and need to hear it often. Instead, we hear very […]